I’ve spent 20 years in the internet industry, serving as a product/business strategist as well as a journalist covering new technology and new business models.

Over this time I’ve also developed a wide range of editorial experience, from copyediting website pages, to developing digital marketing content, to serving as managing editor of a monthly business-technology publication.

Over my career, I’ve acquired a Swiss-Army-Knife digital skill set. My experience with online startups during the formative years of the Web required that I develop skills in almost every aspect of digital operations: business development strategy, product & UI design, editorial strategy, digital marketing, basic coding, extremely basic database development, graphics “hacking”, social media strategy, project management (including waterfall, agile and hybrid methodologies)….pretty much anything except direct sales and real, fundamental coding.

Now, as a creative, tech-savvy strategic consultant, I help businesses and other organizations conceive and develop simple, useful services that enhance our interaction with each other. As a digital marketer, I use the most effective tools to get a client’s message to the right audience. I am adept at distilling business goals, creative ideas, technology realities, and limited timelines into realistic action plans.

I also love being in the trenches, working to put these plans into action.

Partial list of previous clients:

  • Release 1.o
  • Fodor’s
  • SheWrites
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • meQuilibrium
  • Turbot

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To hire me as a consultant or editor, get in touch: christina [at] koukkos [dot] com.