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Release 1.0, March 2005

A syndicated video content service for independent publishers

A wireless data service for health professionals

Eventful (neé EVDB)
A rich source of listings for local events

Grouper Networks
A peer-to-peer file-sharing network with built-in community and privacy

Uses patented manufacturing techniques to develop low-cost, low-power and efficient RFID tags

A wiki provider that also offers standard functional workflow and light data tools so that users can develop “mini-applications”

Rearden Commerce
An e-commerce platform and service grid for employee business services and more

Release 1.0, March 2004

Helps the right people meet at the right time, and gives them tools to communicate

Helps companies listen to their customers using interactive, dynamic polling software

Intelligent Results
Mines unstructured data from customer communications to help institutions predict customer behavior

Language Weaver
Takes the logical (and clever) next step in machine translation with software that “learns” to translate from already-translated documents

Uses linguistic analysis to figure out what sort of information a customer is looking for

Provides enterprise-class e-mail, messaging and calendaring capability on Linux and supports it from the server

Tracks conversations on the Web by analyzing what bloggers are blogging about, and with whom

Release 1.0, July 2004

Politics on the Net: A Three-Way Digital Divide (36 pages)
Will the Internet and other technology change the face of politics to allow bottom-up (and lateral) communication participation instead of top-down broadcast and control? Should the current system of political participation be changed? How?