About Christina Koukkos

christina [at] koukkos [dot] com

I am a New York-based freelance writer and editor who covers scuba diving, responsible tourism, off-beat destinations, cultural travel and other topics. I am an avid underwater (and topside) photographer as well.

From my first experience scuba diving, in 2000, I was hooked. I knew it’d become a big part of my life. I am now certified PADI Scuba Instructor and MSDT, with nearly 1000 dives.

A lifetime of curiosity about the world has taken me to 50 countries, riding on buses, bikes, trains, tuk-tuks, ox carts, airplanes, dinghies, speedboats, ferries and ships.

When traveling – backpacking through 50 countries on four continents so far – I prefer places where there are no Coca-Cola signs and ample opportunity to spend time under water. I’m also an enthusiast of space travel and solar eclipses, a lover of yurts (or gers, depending on the country), a part-time follower of politics, and a Red Sox zealot.

Awaiting bus to Mandalay

In a past life, I spent four years as managing editor of Release 1.0, an influential monthly newsletter that covered the Internet industry. In addition to writing profiles on internet start-ups, I edited issues on major technology trends and their impact on business models and society.

Before joining Release 1.0, I spent eight years running product design and development teams for internet companies in the US and Hungary.

I was born in a suburb of Boston, from which I escaped (to New York) as soon as legally possible. I later lived in Budapest, Hungary for almost five years before returning to New York. I currently live in Brooklyn.


Email: christina [at] koukkos [dot] com
Most social media: @ckoukkos